Hometown of YASA CAVIAR is the United of Arab Emirates, a country of

desert, faced to the Persian Gulf.
Why UAE for producing, not in Europe where is generally known for its farming of sturgeon? 
There is a deep connection with UAE and Iran in the background.
In the south of Caspian Sea which adjacent to Iran has deep depth with gravel in lake bottom with moderate current, and is very suitable for growth of sturgeon.
Iran has been producing great quality of caviar from great quality of sturgeon caught in south of Caspian Sea.
In their trial-and-errors for long years, they have established artisanal technology for handling called “Iranian manufacturing method”.  In this combination of great quality of sturgeon and know-how of caviar handling, Iranian caviar has raised its reputation.
But after the revolution of Iran, Iran was politically opposed to European countries and the US, and became unable to export them directly.  Therefore, UAE became their receiver of exporting Iranian caviar.  UAE which locates in opposite shore of Persian Gulf became the exporting junction of Iranian caviar, and the know-hows and human resources which Iran has been accumulated are acquired.
Producing Cultivated Caviar

Introducing Total Circulation Cultivation System from Germany
In starting our cultivation business, we have introduced patented technology, optimized total circulation cultivation system of sturgeon from Germany company, which has long years’ experience of land cultivation system.
Indoor cultivation farm of sturgeon built in suburb of Abu Dhabi where is the capital of UAE, is one of the biggest farm of the world.Separated complete indoor type of farm has realized extremely hygienic cultivation environment.
We produce top quality of caviar from sturgeon in cutting edge farm, and mature with know-hows brought from Iran. Our caviar is worth required from Arabic royalty and titled nobility, and wealthy classes.
Siberian Sturgeon – Acipenser Baerii/Singular Sturgeon Grows Only in Fresh Water
YASA CAVIAR is the fish eggs of Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser bairii).  Why we chose Siberian sturgeon, not Beluga or Russian sturgeon (osetra)?  The biggest reason is that Siberian sturgeon is the only one sturgeon to grow only in fresh water.
Most of sturgeon come and go between ocean and fresh water.  But reproducing the environment is too difficult.  So only Siberian sturgeon is available to be raised in farm with ideal environment.  We grow high quality of Siberian sturgeon in stress-less environment as possible to be competitive with the natural product.
Similar Flavor to Osetra, Pure Blood of Caviar
Even Siberian sturgeon is suitable for cultivation,
it is meaningless if good quality of caviar has less flavor and food texture.  。
Siberian sturgeon has little smaller particles than Osetra, but the flavor is very similar to it,
and is highly evaluated as a top-quality of caviar. 
Natural Flavor of Fresh Caviar with 4 Grades
Representative of Top-quality of Caviar, Malossol
YASA caviar is processed in fresh to enjoy its original flavor and texture.  Salinity concentration is 3.5% which is graded as Malossol, top-quality of caviar. YASA caviar is graded into 4, depends on the eggs sizes.  Size more than 2.9mm is “Royal”, 2.7 to 2.8mm is “Elite”, 2.5 to 2.6mm is “Excellence”, and 2.3 to 2.4mm is “Premium”.
International Approval of Hygienic
Extremely hygienic cultivation environment in complete indoor type of farm has realized,
and all of process like egg collection, packing is done in clean room.
Producing facilities of YASA caviar has acquired approvals of strict international hygienic standards like HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, and OHSAS18001.