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Abalone gruel for recovering from fatigue
Abalone gruel
This is well known as one of Korean home dishes.
Especially in catching cold, during pregnancy, after childbirth, they eat abalone gruel as a nourishing dish.
Abalone gruel is such a satisfactory food with various minerals and vitamins for recovering.
Korean Wando Ezo Abalone1 piece (250g)
Rice soaked into water1 go (about 150g)
Sesame Oil2 tablespoonfuls
Water700 ml
How to cooking
Wash rice, and leave in basket about 30 minutes
Wash salt-seasoned abalone by scrubbing brush.  Take the meat off from thinly part of shell by sticking wooden ladle in.  Cut gut and bill into V-shape, and add salt again to wash well the black part of around.
Separate the liver and meat.  Slice half verticality first, and slice crosswise every 5mm (or each favorite size).
Add sesame oil in a pan, and put over a fire.  Once it starts to smell, put the sliced meat and liver, and sauté lightly.  When it is about to be cooked, add well-strained rice in a pot, and keep sautéing in a low heat until the rice gets almost clear.
Simmer for 30 minutes being careful not to be burned.  Add little salt as a finishing.
After gruel is ready, serve on plate and put egg yolk in middle, add Korean pine nut and thinly sliced seaweed around.  You also can enjoy by sprinkling sesame oil.