TOYOSU Express

Toyosu Express, True World Japan's original brand, delivers fresh seafood to customers around the world.
Our professional staff, packing technique that maintains freshness, and the wide network of True World Foods around the U.S., enables us to make deliveries to our customers seeking high quality products.
More than 50t of fresh hamachi from around Japan is exported overseas by air every month.
We are the top shareholder for hamachi export to the U.S., and have received considerable trust and reputation with our tight quality control and efficient logistics.

Always in accordance with your requests

At True World Foods we are dedicated to connecting the world's largest Toyosu market and the various regions around the world, especially the United States.
We are confident that our products are fresh since we carefully inspect and select the best offerings from the world's most famous fish market ourselves, always in accordance with our customer's specifications.
These products are packed and sent right away using the Toyosu Express to any customer in need, providing the highest quality, freshest and tastiest seafood on the market.

Introducing the Joy of Seasonal Food

Although many foods can be eaten all year around with the development of freezing technology and cultivation, foods that are in season are much better in taste, nutrition, shape and cost.
We suggest and deliver the best seasonal food to all of our customers.

Delivering the taste that makes you smile

Do you think the most expensive, famous fish are the tastiest fish on the markets?
Even the most famous fish cannot give you the best taste if it is out of season.
Our professional staff at True World Japan can help you choose what is "best" for that particular season, providing you with the best fish on the current market.

Delivered at the highest quality

It is an 8 hour flight from Tokyo to the U.S. East coast, and 13 hours for the West coast.
With our professionalism and efficient packing technique, we are able to deliver fresh fish from Toyosu at the highest quality to our customers.
The freshness of Toyosu is possible with Toyosu Express!