Sales Department

Domestic Sales Department | Delivering the finest from home and abroad to your table

We hold passion in delivering the world's finest food to your table.
Our wish is for our customers to enjoy the best seafood in the world, and to deliver the joy of eating food that is healthy and delicious.
Taste the world's best ezo abalone and fluke from Jeju, Korea, one of our most popular products!

Fresh Fish Sales Department | Fresh worldclass fish delivered by air from Japan

We carefully inspect and select the best offerings from the world's famous Tsukiji market, and send them by air to our customers around the world.
We take great care in making sure that the fish enhances its flavor, and is just ready to eat when it reaches our customers.
Tsukiji Express, True World Japan's original brand, delivers to the top sushi and Japanese restaurants in the U.S., and has received great reputation and trust from our customers.

Frozen and Grocery Department | Shipping out the best of Japanese food culture

We ship out ingredients and processed foods for Japanese restaurants and grocery shops worldwide in any amount requested.
Our lineup has increased with the growing popularity of Japanese food, and our experienced staffs are more than happy to serve your needs.