Quality Assurance

To deliver high quality fresh fish and food around the world, True World Japan's quality management is done according to the HACCP standards. Our packing skills are known for being the best in maintaining the fish's freshness when delivered around the world.
The fish purchased at the Tsukiji Market is delivered to our packing factory.
The fish's name is called out when it is delivered, to let our staff know the arrival of the fish they will be dealing with.
Check the fish's freshness and condition, remove defective products.
Sealed tightly for freshness.
The fish is transferred to its designated packing space.
The content of the packing list changes according to additional orders and the market's stock.
Packing is done by type of fish and destination.
The cargo label containing information about the box's destination and content is pasted. The boxes are stocked up on each pallet by destination.
We export MEL certified products to the world
Marine Eco-Label Japan (MEL) is a standard/certification scheme aimed at supporting seafood producers that are taking proactive measures to manage fishery resources for their sustainable use and the conservation of marine ecosystems, as well as processors and distributors that make positive efforts to procure seafood from such producers; ensuring transparency with regard to resource management and handling of seafood in the processing/distribution stages; and helping all fisheries-related businesses to gain credibility and consumers to make appropriate choices.

We agree with the purpose of MEL and export MEL certified farmed yellowtail to the world.

We actively increase the handling of MEL certified products.